Proposed Design

The proposals offer a considered design, retaining locally listed elements and rejuvenating them with new additions which make best use of the site and provide an enhancement to the area. 

A new landscaped area and public realm has been created within the scheme to integrate with the public realm as well as creating a welcoming entrance to the proposed retail and community area.

The redevelopment will be sensitively managed to ensure it complements the distinctive appearance of the current building. The proposal retains the majority of the original locally listed building, which is located on the main Croydon Road frontage, as well as some original fabric and features.

Further to this the elevation will be completed with a sensitive and complimentary side extension, which mirrors the existing building with matching brickwork and windows. The front elevation will be mirrored about the existing central ‘drum’. This contains the retained period feature staircase and will act as the main entrance to the building.

The remainder of the scheme will be complimentary to the material palette, proportions and design aesthetic of the existing building.

For completeness and clarity, the material use will be limited to brick, glass and metal as per the existing building. Greenery will be introduced throughout to soften and add interest.

View looking West
View looking East
Front view

Proposed Ground Floor plan

Setting and Landscape

A key element of the proposals is to improve the external appearance of the site through introducing new planting and more space for pedestrians, as well as an enhanced road layout.

The proposal creates a much improved, high quality amenity provision. Injecting additional quality and value into the public realm to provide a unique and distinctive scheme. This has been achieved through a variety of interventions, including the addition of green infrastructure, use of higher quality materials, and bespoke furniture.

The site layout retains the existing entrances from Croydon Road and so retains existing associated visibility splays. The scheme integrates with the existing pavement adjacent to the site retaining the existing accessibility. The proposals complement the built form through the introduction of new tree planting (25 no.), integrated green roofs (720m²), ornamental planting (225m²) and hedge planting (131lin.m) throughout the site. The location of existing trees has been indicated on the landscape general arrangement plan all of which sit outside the site boundary.

Views of the building frontage will be open, with low ornamental groundcover planting beds adjacent to the paved areas, providing seasonal interest and colour. The introduction of a variety of planting across the site, combined with private gardens to the rear apartment block, will enhance user experience and increase the bio-diversity and habitat value of the site.

Proposed Roof Plan

Commercial units

The proposals offer an area of approximately 3350 sqft, for new high-quality modern units that will enhance the local retail offer.

Community units

The current community use is of poor quality and does not offer suitable access requirements. The proposals offer approximately 1250 sqft replacement space for a high quality, modern and accessible space.